Bi-Fold Doors

Enjoy the wonderful view with Sonic Services Bi-Fold Doors

With Sonic Services bi-fold doors you can enjoy a stunning unspoiled view all year round all from the comfort of your living room, kitchen or conservatory.

Our Bi-fold doors are designed to allow quick, easy access to your garden by neatly folding in on themselves, creating a wonderful feeling of freedom and space that will really open up your room. The large glass panes allow the perfect view when the doors are closed, letting in plenty of light while allowing you to stay warm, dry and secure.

  • Select a colour option which can be matched to our windows, entrance doors, and patio doors.
  • Choose of door-leafs opening from the right, left or centre, and doors can open in or out.
  • Designs with a traffic door feature a multipoint locking system as standard with high security locking cylinder and shoot-bolts.
  • Fitted with an internal glazing bead and toughened safety glass as standard for maximum security and protection.
  • Comprehensive long-term guarantees.
  • Multiple weather seal provides excellent protection from the elements
  • Sets of four stainless steel wheels provide smooth operation
  • Individually tailored and made to measure.

As you would expect from Sonic Services, our bi-fold doors are built for high thermal performance as standard to help keep your home wonderfully warm all year round. The polyamide thermal break in the frame is designed to reduce heat loss and maximise insulation.

Made from hardwearing aluminium and meticulously crafted and quality tested, Sonic Services bi-fold doors fold aside easily, letting plenty of light and air in from your garden.

Our bi-fold doors benefit from multi-point stainless steel locking mechanisms and come fitted with high security lock cylinder fitted. As a further security feature each door comes with shoot-bolts which lock into a stainless steel track. We also fit internal glazing beads and toughened safety glass as standard.

Sonic Services aluminium Bi-Fold doors require minimal maintenance and are guaranteed to never rust, rot, flake or peel. All they require is an occasional wipe down with soapy water to keep them looking as good as new. For your peace of mind we also offer a 10 year guarantee.

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